Mitigating the threat of cyber attack is a strategic priority. Understand and manage your risk, achieve and document compliance, gain complete visibility across multiple file servers, maintain secure coding practices and safer development environments for producing robust applications with Cyber Shelter’s formidable consulting services.
Change Auditor

CyberShelter's Change Auditor simplifies and automates change auditing and reporting for critical systems, ensuring compliance and security. It provides in-depth forensics and comprehensive reporting for key applications and services, and presents easy-to-understand reports for ongoing monitoring.

File System Auditing

CyberShelter's file server auditing solution provides automatic reporting and auditing capabilities for secure data management. Their Active Directory solution offers extended customizability for managing AD security risks in dynamic organizations.

Policy Compliance Verification

IT policy compliance is crucial for organizations to avoid penalties and damage to their reputation. Compliance requires adherence to regulations and industry mandates which can be complex and difficult to manage manually. Automation of compliance verification ensures consistency and helps manage the quality of the compliance program.

Security Code Review

CyberShelter's code review tool detects security flaws early, allowing for timely and cost-effective fixes. It combines static and dynamic techniques to identify malicious code and functionality issues for a robust SDLC.

GRC Solution

CyberShelter’s GRC solution streamlines IT GRC processes and effectively manages IT risk with innovative technology, helping organizations manage governance, risk, and compliance challenges in dynamic markets and regulatory environments.

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