Access Security

The basics of Cybersecurity lie in adhering to fundamental principles. Access security is one of the cornerstones of any cybersecurity program. Organizations need to manage a user's access lifecycle and access rights successfully.

Least Privilege

CyberShelter design and implement access management frameworks and policies to define Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and stop providing additional privileges to users without any business justifications.


CyberShelter helps organizations implement solutions and processes that complement each other to manage the lifecycle of any user access effectively. Our customers are served with automated solutions to align with the comprehensive framework we develop for our customers covering end users and privileged users.

Holistically foolproof

Access management must be 100% foolproof, as a single account with extra privileges or an orphan account for the employee who left the organization pose tremendous risk to any company. Hence, CyberShelter helps our customers to deploy robust controls.

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