Cyber Defence

Cyber Defense Center needs to be more than a typical SOC. CyberShelter provides a fully Managed SOC/Cyber Defense Center service to offload the pain. We help organizations build their in-house Cyber Defense Centers with capabilities to defend against cyber attacks. Our Model includes Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or One-time advisory service to assist in developing People, Process, and Technology resources and functions.

Holistic Design

CyberShelter assists the customer in developing Cyber Defense Center Strategy, Operating Model, Frameworks, Policies, Procedures, PlayBooks/RunBooks, Guidelines, etc. We analyze the current maturity and capabilities and recommend tools and solutions. Our expert team will assess the workforce deployed at your SOC and identify and deliver training and skill development to improve the overall capabilities.

Flexible Models

CyberShelter is flexible and delivers the service in a tailored mode. We can support different models: Managed SOC, Advisory, Offshore, Onshore, Shared, and Dedicated.

Efficient Operations

CyberShelter takes accountability for our services and delivers with full responsibility. CyberShelter’s objective is to provide value in whatever we do, more than just bringing in revenue. The formula is win-win, and we ensure the solution is the most cost effective for our customers.

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