Data Security and Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

The fundamental focus in any organization is its Information Asset. Information Security objectives revolve around data protection and the proper usage for business advantages. CyberShelter designs practical and cost-effective mechanisms to identify and classify the information and ensure comprehensive data security.

Innovatively Identify

For the protection of Information, the most critical step is to identify and locate the data in the organization. The job is not easy, thanks to the volume of data and the complexity around it. But CyberShelter designed very creative methods and solutions that help to achieve this critical objective.

Smartly Classify

Classification helps the customer to focus, prioritize and customize their security investment and efforts. The value of the information asset in relevance to the corporate interest and impact defines the classification. We align CyberShelter-designed frameworks and policies with customer expectations, and our intelligent approaches can help to classify quickly and effectively.

Effectively Protect

Data Security defines any Information Security Program’s overall success and efforts. CyberShelter brings solutions and services to ensure customers’ confidence in their data security measures. We design and help the organization implement measures to protect, detect and respond to any breaches of its information.


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