Third-Party & Supply Chain Risk Management

Even though organizations have built their cybersecurity capabilities, one is getting exposed these days is the need for effective security mechanisms in their vendor or third-party environment. Many recent cyberattacks originate from the organization's third parties and vendors. CyberShelter can support our customers in managing the risks associated with the vendors and third parties as a one-time exercise by carrying out risk assessment and remediation activities. Similar CyberShelter does a fully Managed Service Model delivery (MSSP) for third-party/vendor risk management.

Risk-based categorization

Vendors and Third-parties will be listed and categorized based on their activities and information/network access.


Automated Questionnaire

We provide our clients and vendors with platforms and access to pre-defined or customized security questionnaires and ratings. The questionnaire is based on local and international standards and customer-specific expectations.

Continuous Monitoring

On top of the questionnaire-based validation, CyberShelter delivers its customer’s external exposure-related security scoring of their vendors/third parties.

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