Threat Intelligence

In an age of ever-evolving cyber threats, most organizations are at risk of an attack targeted at them or materialized on them. Despite solid defensive controls and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, they are still at risk of an attack being successful based on the threat actors' persistence. Timely, complete, and correlated threat intelligence information for necessary responsive action is crucial to better prepare for any attack.

Timely Collection

The most crucial factor in Cyber Threat Intelligence is the timely collection and correlation of intelligence to get enough time to respond. CyberShelter has services and sources to acquire necessary general and specific intelligence for the customer on time.

Proactively Analyze

We have expertise with tons of experience and are innovative thinkers to analyze the received threat intelligence and formulate relevant data points for the customer to implement necessary controls.


Faster Response

We help organizations design the process around threat management with faster response to limit attack damage. The service can be as part of our Managed Service Offering or with our advisory services. CyberShelter Cyber Threat Intelligence Program comes with the value-added benefit of leveraging the information to respond to attacks in a proactive manner effectively.

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