Incident Management

Organizations increasingly find themselves at risk as cyber attacks rise in number and severity. The more sophisticated and targeted an attack, the more difficult it is to be able to respond with minimal disruption to business. But with the right incident management system in place, the right training and proper investigatory practices can help secure your systems and resolve computer security incidents of all kinds. As a cyber security leader, our Incident Management solutions combat the speed and sophistication of attackers and help you move from crisis to continuity in the face of an incident.
SIEM & Centralized Logging

SIEM collects and analyzes security data in real-time, but integrating data from multiple sources can be costly. A next-gen all-in-one SIEM platform simplifies threat detection, incident response, and compliance management for complete security visibility. Quick detection and response to attacks are crucial in today's complex IT landscape.

Security Awareness Training

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, making enterprise security a never-ending task. Lack of employee awareness and over-reliance on technology can leave companies vulnerable to attacks. An informed and vigilant workforce is crucial to prevent cyber breaches.

Digital Forensic Solution

Digital forensics is critical to determine the extent of a cyber breach and assist legal authorities, but analyzing terabytes of data is labor-intensive. CyberShelter's digital forensic solution leverages automation and machine learning to quickly identify critical facts and evidence. The software speeds up analysis by mining valuable information from vast amounts of data.

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