Proactive Defense

Cyber security is nothing short of a 24/7/365 challenge. Our proactive defense solutions will help you set the strategy, chart the right course, take advantage of powerful capabilities and manage your security operations to help defend and empower your business. Helping you achieve operational excellence is a promise that we deliver on.
Intrusion Prevention

CyberShelter's Intrusion Prevention System is a proactive and advanced technology that protects against various network and application-level attacks. With industry-leading IPS protection and integrated threat intelligence, it provides complete and active protection at the network perimeter. Intelligent workflows and fast responses help minimize alert noise and win back the network.

Data Leakage Prevention

CyberShelter's Data Leakage Prevention solution protects sensitive data from being leaked or stolen, with broad coverage for multiple systems and endpoints. It offers comprehensive data protection for mobile, cloud and on-premise environments, with complete visibility and control.

Vulnerability Scanning

CyberShelter's automated vulnerability scanning identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities, reducing false positives and decreasing scan time.

Penetration Testing

CyberShelter’s Penetration Testing Solution provides end-to-end testing to identify vulnerabilities and simulate hostile attacks, ensuring the safety of your network. Our solution uses both manual and automated testing to cover all layers of your information systems and data, from endpoint through network, operating system, application, web, and database layers. With years of vulnerability and exploitation experience and support from our best of breed partnerships, our solution offers comprehensive security testing for your organization.

Risk Assessment

CyberShelter's risk assessment tools provide actionable intelligence to reduce exposure to global threats, with expertise to analyze complex systems and identify evidence of at-risk data, compromises, and security breaches. Our solution identifies vulnerabilities specific to your organization and translates findings into actionable improvement initiatives.

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