Safeguarding Organization with Leading Edge Cyber Security Services, Solutions & Strategy

At CyberShelter, we offer practical solutions that shield your data and assets and keep cyber threats at bay.

Access Security

The basics of Cybersecurity lie in adhering to fundamental principles. Access security is one of the cornerstones of any cybersecurity program. Organizations need to manage a user’s access lifecycle and access rights successfully.

Data Security

The fundamental focus in any organization is its Information Asset. Information Security objectives revolve around data protection and the proper usage for business advantages. CyberShelter designs practical and cost-effective mechanisms to identify and classify the information and ensure comprehensive data security.

Transformation Program

We offer Holistic Cybersecurity Transformation services to address root causes with practical corrective actions.

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What We Focus On

We offer futuristic cybersecurity solutions and services that are cost-effective and customer friendly.


Dedicated project management team to ensure Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Cost Optimization, Deliverables, Remediation Measures & Reports at every stage.


We are committed to ensuring that project activities are completed in an innovative and holistic manner, with the dedicated engagement of all team members to achieve the project's goals and objectives


Our team comprises experienced cybersecurity professionals with real-world expertise in offensive and defensive strategies, investigative techniques, and leadership within the cybersecurity domain. Together, we work to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.


Your privacy is covered

We provide solutions to protect your privacy and the privacy of data stored with you.

Privacy Protection

We provide complete privacy to your data and data stored in your system even when audit you to make yourselves safe when an attack happens.

Secure Network

Networks are the bridges that connects your machines to internet. We care for you to fix the gaps in your bridges.

Malware & Virus Protection

We have the best team to protect you from malware and virus attacks. We provide 24/7 support for incident response for our customers.


Besides all the conventional security solutions, we offer our clientele a myriad of bespoke and uniquely designed services. Our services are the outcome of extensive research and are developed by highly experienced brains. 

Cloud Security

Trust CyberShelter's innovative cloud security solutions and experienced experts to safeguard your cloud journey, as security controls and assurance are vital decision-making factors.

Threat Intelligence

Organizations face persistent cyber threats despite solid defenses and monitoring, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.Effective threat intelligence is crucial to timely and responsive action to prepare for any attack.

Human Security

Organizations strive to address Information Security holistically, where technology and process control complement with trained and cyber-aware staff.

Cyber Defense ​

CyberShelter provides a fully Managed SOC/Cyber Defense Center service to offload the pain.

Ransomware Management

Ransomware is a significant and disruptive cyber security threat that has shaken organizations worldwide. The ease of generating attacks, the ability to keep the adversaries anonymous, and the massive impact it can have on entities make it a lethal weapon for criminals and nation-states.

Security Finetuning

Our past experiences show that organizations need help to get the best out of their existing solutions. Lack of technical expertise internally or poor deployment efforts by their vendors contributed to this.

Continous PenTesting

Our latest and innovative solution offering includes continuous external security testing. We have partnered with one of the world's best to bring this service to our regional clients.

Supply Chain Security

CyberShelter can support our customers in managing the risks associated with the vendors and third parties as a one-time exercise by carrying out risk assessment and remediation activities. Similar CyberShelter does a fully Managed Service Model delivery (MSSP) for third-party/vendor risk management.

AD Security

Organizations often ignore AD Security, even though that is the critical entry point. CyberShelter designed the practice to help our customers to develop and implement best security practices for their AD.

Data privacy is a human right and it belongs to you

Physical assets you own have value, so as your digital assets. We help you to keep your digital assets safe from the digital criminals. We take offensive approach to defend the offenders who comes to offend you in your digital space to save your money, reputation and your clients…!!!



We protect your brand as we protect our brand.We conduct frequent assessments and provide reports to you to make you safe in this digital world. 


Cybersecurity framework

Strategic, Tactical, and Operational approaches with Innovative thoughts on solving problems in the cyber world.

Pragmatic security solutions

We focus on fundamental security principles, leverage existing solutions, and develop cost-effective approaches to solve challenging problems.

Actionable cyber investment

Risk-based investment recommendations on cybersecurity solutions that are practical, effective, and consistent.

Complete cybersecurity protection

Holistic Approach to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of Information and Services.

Agile Security Delivery

We practice an agile methodology while delivering security solutions for quick fixes of critical issues and fast-tracked execution.

Customer-Focused Project Management

Professional Project Management and Service Delivery with continuous customer support.

Focused Effective Consistency

Undivided focus on critical deliverables, which are effective and consistent.

Threat Analysis Consulting

A thorough study of the business and technology environment to identify relevant threats before recommending appropriate solutions.

Empowering Cybersecurity Solutions

Advanced cybersecurity solutions empower organizations across industries to tackle cyber threats and insider breaches.

Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals

Team members and leadership with years of experience in developing solutions to address and mitigate ever-evolving cyber threats and insider attacks.

Security on a global scale

We keep the global security standard and we provide a global security solution for you.

24/7 Premium Support

Service without support is like a plant without flower. Even if it provides oxygen, we will not call it a beauty. We have that beauty and we keep it well.

Free Consultation

We provide a one time free consultation to know about us and to know about the importance of cyber security and the threats you may face

Certified Professional Expert

We provide the industry best solutions and we have the industry best team. All the assessments conducted in your assets will be by an industry best professional who is certified from an expert certification authority.

Security monitoring and malware protection for businesses.

Children have nightmares and businesses have threatmare. But dont worry, we are here to distance your threatmares…!!!

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Protecting you from the dangers of Cyberspace

Its’s easy to hide, But to defend, it needs courage. We have the courage and we help you to build the courage.

Trusted security

Water cannot be trusted but you can trust us, because we keep and provide a global standard level security to you.

47M+ Threats Blocked

Words without action are meaningless. So we are giving you a number that we collected from our records.

4.8+ Rating

Services without feedback is like rain in a desert. Both will not last for long. So we use numbers to represent the satisfaction of our customers.

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